Grago Lawn Care Mulching

Have you ever had your lawn mulched? Some homeowners believe mulching is too much effort and that it leaves behind unsightly clumps and other issues, which, in time, can do more damage than good to a lawn. That’s where we at Grago Lawn Care step in, to tell you that mulching is one of the best services you can rely on for your lawn. To boot, if you call on our services, you would have nothing to do, but enjoy your beautiful, healthy lawn, after our technicians are done mulching it the right way.

We love mulch. Beyond the obvious aesthetic benefits, it discourages weed germination and growth, and helps keep your soil moist and temperate during dry stretches. (Let’s face it—nobody likes living with a stressed-out garden.)  Plus, during cold winters, it protects plant roots from the ravages of frost. On the other hand, keeping it looking its best requires no small amount of TLC.

Your lawn can stay beautiful even when mulched

Grago Lawn Care is dedicated to keeping its customers happy. Whether you need intensive mulching counseling services or are a passionate do-it-yourselfer, our answer is “Yes.” Grago mulching services experts are committed to providing prompt delivery and caring installation of a wide variety of premium natural or color-enhances mulches—for better and for beautiful.