Grago Lawn Care Overseeding and Verticutting

How can you make your lawn look more beautiful and healthy than it has ever been? Of course, you need to have a professional lawn mowing team come in and manicure it to perfection. After your lawn has been mowed, trimmed and striped by our Grago Lawn Care team, you can also set up a tailored seasonal plan for fertilization and weed control. It’s important to make sure the grass is being properly nourished each season, as well as protected against those pesky pests and weeds.

However, we at Grago Lawn Care believe that a truly perfect lawn requires that extra 10 per cent of effort to look the best way possible. Creative and precise mowing is a good thing to have, as is fertilization, but we emphasize overseeding and verticutting.

Our seed combos are first rate seeds, suited to our area

If you compare two pictures of the exact same lawn, before and after overseeding you will understand what the benefits of this service are. Lawns require overseeding if the grass has been thinning and if they have had weeds crop up. However, it is our belief that any lawn has everything to gain and nothing to lose, should you opt for overseeding. Have you ever stood back in wonder at the sight of a lush green golf course? If you want your lawn to look as perfect as that, then overseeding is the way to go.

The procedure is simple enough: some types of grass (including tall and fine fescue, perennial and annual ryegrass and some types of bluegrass) have their seeds spread over the existing lawn. Since these are all cool season grasses, we typically provide overseeding services in late summer and early fall – especially since the weather is absolutely perfect for encouraging the growth of new grass during that season. And with Grago Lawn Care you can be sure that all our seeds are top quality, native to the area in which you live and the best possible choice.

Verticutting will restore the health of your lawn

Another service we encourage and provide at Grago Lawn Care is verticutting, also referred to as dethatching. Thatch is the layer of dead grass, various types of debris and dead roots that forms at the lower end of grass blades. The formation of such a layer will prevent fertilizing substances, water, and oxygen from properly nourishing the root system of the grass blades. We provide verticutting services once a year – in the fall for grass that grows in the cold season and in spring for warm season grasses.

Two days before verticutting your lawn we will water it, then mow it at the lowest setting, and collect the clippings. All clippings are disposed of and the lawn is raked, as well as cleared of all cables and utility lines. After the verticutting operation has been performed, we dispose of all the dethatched material, fertilize the lawn, and then make sure to help the lawn recover by providing regular watering services.

Think your lawn could look better than it does now? Don’t hesitate to give us a call today!